Bio - Jason Koons

Jason Koons is a California based designer and photographer specializing in products, product story and overall brand visual narrative. Jason cut his teeth in products in the dusty surfboard factories of Hawaii and California. After learning to build and design surfboards Jason rapidly moved up through the ranks to eventually become head designer and business leader at an innovative and creative surfboard business named SUPERbrand. Leading the company with internationally acclaimed designs endorsed by important athletes, Jason’s work rapidly spread to new markets around the world where it continues to capture significant markets share today. For the last 10 years, his designs have been scene on international magazine covers, award winning surf films, and at world tour surfing contests under the feet of some of the best athletes in the world.

While working at SUPERbrand, Jason’s interest expanded beyond simply product design, into marketing and big picture strategy. Working alongside notable artists and marketing leaders, Jason refined his skills in visual design, copywriting, and core messaging. Seeing an opportunity to expand his skillset Jason enrolled at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He is pursuing a BA in Visual Communication with an emphasis on Photography. As a young adult traveling the world just out of high school, Jason saw photography as a tool to document his travels. During the last 3 years Jason has honed his photography skills and now regularly freelances in portrait, lifestyle, architecture and interior, as well as product photography. Merging his passions for photography, well-designed product, visual communication, and a love of travel and the outdoors, Jason has a unique skill set and drive that continuously pushes him toward excellence and new enlightening perspectives. What he brings to his clients is that forward momentum and new and refreshing perspectives.

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